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Dispatch work【Kanto】

【Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo】Cheese Processing Work (JOB ID : No.TO20210324)

Job Description

Cheese Processing Work
Cutting and wrapping cheeses, sticking stickers

Work Place

Shinagawa, Tokyo

Nearest station

5 minutes walk from Keikyu Shimbamba Statiion.
10 minutes walk form Aomono Yokocho Station.

Work Time

10:00 ~ 17:00 ※one hour lunch break
Monday – Friday (holidays on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)

Hourly wage

From 1013 yen ~

Transportation expenses

up to 20,000 yen/month


No restriction on age and experience.
No education background is required.
Fluency in Japanese (N2 and above)
(preferred having experience in related Food processing work)
※Applicants must be residing in Japan

Appeal information

Part-time employee
various insurance & benefit covered by company (there will be limit)

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【Tokorozawa, Saitama】Food factory recruiting(Job No.20170506)

Vegetable processing

Job Description Vegetable processing
Work Place Minami Nagai, Tokorozawa, Saitama
Nearest station 10min~15min from Higashi-Tokorozawa station by bicycle
Work Time 18:00~23:00
Hourly Wage 1,150yen(22:00~1,437yen)
Transportation expenses 375 yen /day provided
Conditions Japanese elementary level OK
Appeal information Rental bicycles are available, 1500yen /month

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【Kamata, Tokyo】 Bento factory recruiting(Job No.20170502)

Lunch box cleaning

Job Description Lunch box cleaning
Work Place Chou , Ota-ku, Tokyo
Nearest station 15min walk from KAMATA station
Work Time Monday~Friday・Saturday 3~5days/week
Hourly Wage 1,200yen~
Transportation expenses 375yen/day
Conditions Japanese elementary level OK

気になる 応募する

【Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture】 Food factory recruiting(Job No.20170501)

Packing and processing of vegetables & meat in a food factory

Job Description Packing and processing of vegetables & meat in a food factory
Work Place Higashi OGISIMA, Kawasaki
Nearest station 30min by bus from Kawasaki station
Work Time Saturday ,Sunday 9:00~18:00(1hr break)
※if necessary, can add 1~2day on weekdays at 16:00 ~22:00(6h)
Hourly Wage 1,100yen~
Transportation expenses 600 yen per day provided

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Only for day shift!!【Yashio】Easy line work at a food company (job No.20160710)

Line work at food factory

Job Description Work at a food company factory ♪
【In particular•••】
◎This job is for packing meat products into cardboard boxes.
◎This job is to process meat and pack it into cardboard box.
Because this is not a difficult task, we recommend it to those who want to work hard!
work place Yashio,Saitama
Nearest station  
Work Time 08:30~18:00
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Work type: regular
Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, shift system
(based on factory calendar.)
Hourly wage From 1,000yen~
Transportation expenses We will pay within the range regulated by the company. Paid up to 1,000 yen / day
Conditions Welcomes inexperienced applicants♪ No age restriction!
Long term (over 3 months)
Appeal information ・Inexpensive welcome!
・No age restriction! Accepts a wide range of people.
・Holidays on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays (by factory calendar)
・Transportation expenses are provided!
・Motorbike or bicycle commuting possible
・Uniforms available

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Full weekday two days (shift system) & day work only (Job No.20160709)

Line work at a food factory

Job Description Line work at a food factory. Main job involves unpacking, inspection, slicing and packing, weighing, inspection, price tagging, etc. of meat.
Work place Kawasaki ward, Higashi-Ogishima
Nearest station 30 minutes by bus from Kawasaki station
Work Time [1]8:00~17:00 [2]08:30~17:30 ※there is some overtime
Hourly wage 1,100yen to 1,150yen
Transportation expenses 600yen/day
Conditions ★Inexperienced applicants are welcomed to apply
Appeal information Social insurance
Transportation expenses provided
Paid holidays (maximum 20 annual paid leave)
Car / motorcycle commute OK
Trial period 3 months
Currently we have active staff members from age 20 to 50!! Experience and skills of working in a factory are not necessary at all. Air conditioning and other facilities are available inside a major company!!

気になる 応募する

【Complete weekly holidays 2 days】Work in a major food factory (Job No.20160708)

Packing and slicer work at a food factory

Job Description Work in a major food factory!! A wide range of men and women staff members in their 20s and 50s are active
A job to pack food in a large food factory
It is an easy job once you get used to operate a slicer and other tools!
This is a day-shift job so you can work stably!!
Work place Akishima-shi, Tokyo
Nearest station 10 minute-walk from Higashi-Nakagami station
Work Time 8:00 - 17: 30 ※ Overtime work pear, break 1.5h
Full two-day holiday per week system *holidays on Wednesdays and Sundays
Hourly wage 1,000yen
Transportation expenses Payment based on regulations
Conditions Welcomes inexperienced applicants
Appeal information Long-term workers are welcome
Social insurance
Transportation expenses are provided
Car / motorcycle commute OK
This is an easy job that does not require any special skills or experience!! There is almost no overtime work so you can use your time for private matters.

気になる 応募する

Urgent【No age restriction! Inexperienced OK!】Easy light work together with everyone (Job No.20160706)

Deburring of foundry products

Job Description We accept people who want to work! Age and experience are irrelevant! Let's work happily with many different people!

This is an easy job even for a beginner. Transportation expenses are separately paid (limited) Social insurance is available. Since we are recruiting more than one person, you won't feel lonely going to work alone. Please feel free to consult us regarding the start date of work, other requests etc. We will fully support your willingness to work!
This is a deburring job. There may be an impression that this job is challenging and requires a certain level of skill, but it is actually an easy job that even an inexperienced person can do, such as finishing the surface of a bulge that can be made at the corner of the casting product (Bali).

Work place Ota Ward, Tokyo
Nearest station 12 minutes on foot from Musashi-Nitta station
Work Time 8:30 - 17:15 ※overtime about 1 hour a day
Monday - Friday(holidays on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays)
Hourly wage 1200yen~
Transportation expenses Paid up to 600 yen per day
Conditions No restriction on age and experience. Everyone is welcome if there is a motivation!

気になる 応募する

【Urgent】Bonus available! \ Lunch provided / Route delivery (Job No.20160705)

Delivery staff of lunch box

Job Description Hourly wage is over 1300 yen! We are looking for many staff to deliver lunch boxes!

High hourly wages even for the inexperienced! Mini Bonus twice a year. Meal provided. If you have a driving license (AT possible), although no experience, you are welcome to apply! This is a lunch delivery job, but it is safe because it is a route delivery. Massive recruitment for more than 10 people. Holidays in Saturday and Sunday!
Lunch box delivery on the routes based on company destinations in Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kawasaki.
Since this job includes route-based delivery, it is safe once you remember the route. Lunch is provided so you can save your money! Because we use an AT car, driving is easy! Those who are interested even just a little, please send an application!

Work place Ota Ward, Tokyo
Nearest station 10 minutes on foot from JR Kamata Station
Work Time 8:00 - 17:00 ※almost no overtime
Monday - Friday(holidays on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)
Hourly wage 1,300yen
Transportation expenses Full payment
Conditions Regular license (AT only possible)

気になる 応募する

Route delivery within Ota Ward (Job No.20160703)

Route delivery job within Ota Ward

Job Description Route delivery job within Ota Ward. Driving license required.
Work place Ota Ward, Tokyo
※ Car commutation impossible, bike, bicycle commuting OK
Nearest station Kamata Station
Work Time 8:00 - 17:00   5 days / week
Hourly wage 1,300yen
Transportation expenses None
Conditions A valid driving license is required
Japanese national or fluent in Japanese

気になる 応募する

Large-scale Food Factory Vegetable Cutting(Job No.20160702

Vegetables cutting job at a food factory

Job Description Vegetables cutting job at a food factory. Japanese level is not important.
Work place Saitama
Nearest station Higashi-Tokorozawa Station
Work Time 8:00 - 17:00   5 days / week (Tuesday - Saturday)
Hourly wage 900yen
Transportation expenses 400 yen / day
Conditions International student permit (2-people shift)
Experience unnecessary

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