How to write a resume

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How to write a resume


  • Paper can be bought at convenience stores and supermarkets. Choose the paper that suits your purpose as there are different types of commercial resumes for general use, for changing job, and for part-time jobs.
  • Prepare a photo to paste on to your resume. For photos, you can use "certification photo boxes" or other facilities around stations and commercial facilities. Wear a suit, face the front, and close your mouth.
  • Write carefully with a black-ink pen and do not use a correction pen. Write a draft with a pencil or write it first on a separate sheet.
  • Use the same font size, about twice the size of the printed fonts of the resume.

How to write

About photo
  • Please wear a suit if possible.
  • Arrange your hair neatly and don't forget to shave.
About Educational Background
  • Fill in the order of junior high school graduation, high school entrance, high school graduation, university entrance, and expected date of graduation.
  • Fill in the name of the school in detail and fill in the department, course, and major of your study.
Work experience, internship
  • In the first line of the employment history, write "work experience".
  • Fill in all the companies you have ever worked for and fill in the department name, job title, position etc.
  • If you did an internship, explain what company and what kind of job you were involved in.


Examples of filling in a resume

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