Nursing-care insurance

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Nursing-care insurance

What a Nursing-care insurance

It is a mechanism to support the nursing care for the elderly by the society as a whole.

◆First insured person: persons over 65 years old

The premium for nursing-care insurance for people over 65 years old is based on the income, and it varies depending on each municipality / special district.

 Payments are deducted from the pension.

◆No. 2 insured person: Persons who are 40 years old or older under the age of 65 who are under medical insurance

 Nursing care insurance premium=monthly amount of standard remuneration × nursing-care insurance premium rate


        Standard bonus amount × Nursing-care insurance premium rate

※By National Health Insurance Association 's announcement, May 2015 onward - nursing care insurance rate is 1.58%.

※The expenses necessary for nursing care insurance are to be covered by nursing care insurance fee paid to those over 40 years old, and the expenses are to be decided in each fiscal year. Therefore, the nursing-care insurance premium rate is to be revised every year.

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