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What a Medical(Health)Insurance

It is a social insurance system aimed at stabilizing living by paying necessary medical benefits and allowances when workers and their families get sick or injured, give birth, die, etc.


In general, those who work more than 30 hours a weekare eligible for health insurance. From October, 2008, the rule was expanded to companies that have 501 employees or more and who work 20 hours or more per week.

(Even for people who do part-time jobs, it is necessary to subscribe if working hours of one day or one week and prescribed number of working days per month are 3/4 or more of regular workers).

Insurance Premium Burden

The amount that the person pays at a hospital when he/she gets sick (counter burden)

If you bring your health insurance card to the hospital, you will only need to pay 30% of the treatment fee.

How to calculate health insurance premiums

◆Health Insurance Fee = Standard Remuneration (Monthly) × Health Insurance Rate

◆The standard remuneration (monthly) is determined by the rank (grade) of the amount of monthly remuneration.

※Health insurance / welfare pension insurance premium price table from October 2016 (payment for November)

Example)(Tokyo) Monthly income 225,000yen ⇒ Remuneration Monthly Grade [210,000 - 230,000] ⇒ Standard Remuneration (Monthly) 220,000yen

◆Health insurance premium = 220,000yen × 9.96 % = 21,912yen

  From this amount, individual burden = 21,912 × 50% = 10,956yen

      Company burden = 21,912 × 50% = 10,956 yen

※If you fall into the category of the second-insured person in a Nursing-care insurance, health insurance rate will be 11.54%, and health insurance fee will be 25,388yen.

※Those that fall into the category of second-insured person in a Nursing-care insurance are those with age 40 - under 65 years old.

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