Interview Preparation

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Interview Preparation

Clothing, grooming

  • Gray, navy blue, black suits are safe.
  • Cleanliness is more important than style.
  • Other than your clothes, check the cleanliness of your hair, hands (nails), and feet.
  • Avoid thick make-up, strong perfume, and high heel.

Prepare information about the company

It is not only rude for an applicant to arrive at an interview without knowing anything about the interviewer, it also becomes a source of anxiety for the applicant. Try to obtain necessary information from the internet, corporate information, introduction place etc. By doing this, you will convey your enthusiasm and the atmosphere and conversation of the interview can proceed smoothly.

[Practice point]
  • Company history, president profile, company's products and achievements
  • The trend of the industry to which the company belongs
  • Relationship with your home country

Simulate an interview

The interview will proceed while looking at the application documents sent earlier. Don't forget to review the copies of your application documents that you have sent. It is useful to prepare an answer simulation with reference to the next section,「How to advance your interview」or prepare a brief self-introduction or question.

Final Check

Check the transportation method and the required time to reach the company and leave with plenty of time.

It is strictly prohibited to be late. It is also not good to arrive too early. You should arrive between 5 and 10 minutes before the interview time. If you are concerned going to an unfamiliar location, it is better to check the place beforehand.

  • Re-confirmation of appointed time, department to visit, person in charge.
  • Confirm that you have the required documents, writing utensils, etc.