How to write a self-introduction

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How to write a self-introduction

How to write a self-introduction in Japan

On the motivation of learning Japanese language
  • Explain the specific reasons why you learned Japanese language and try to appeal on the results that you have learned so far.
About Study Major
  • Fill in what you learned in college. Especially for those with a science background, try to explain about your research subject.
About self-PR
  • Do not use abstract PR such as "I have a sense of responsibility", "I am a serious person", or "I always do my best".
  • Write down real situations when you have proven to be useful.
  • Use numbers to clearly show your abilities.
About Letter of Motivation
  • It is important to write concretely what kind of contribution you can make for the company and what kind of work you want to do when joining the company.
  • Before entry, it is effective to check the HP of the company, conduct corporate research, and PR that you agree with the company's business and philosophy.
  • It will be good if you can describe a link between your motivation and your strengths.

Self-introduction / PR(sample)

I was born in Beijing, China. I was interested in Japan when I watched Japanese animation, Doraemon, and I wanted to know more about Japan. At that time, I strongly felt that I really wanted to see Japan with my own eyes, so I decided to study abroad. I entered ◯ ◯ Japanese Language School in July 2010 and studied Japanese for 2 years. After that, I entered ◯◯ college (vocational school) and graduated in March 2016. I wanted to do a job that can bridge between Japan and China, so I studied Japanese hard at school and also participated in a speech contest.

I studied accounting at the university (vocational school), and passed the Nissho Bookkeeping 1st grade examination in June 2015. In addition, although I have passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1, I keep on improving my language skills by reading business-related books to prepare myself for a job.

I feel that it is fun to study, so I am always eager to learn everything. In addition to improving my knowledge, I got accustomed to Japanese rules and etiquettes when working part-time at restaurants, etc., allowing me to understand a little about Japanese society. Until now, I have never given up or stopped midway in my life, even in the face of hardships.

I would like to work as a professional accountant to contribute to the company, a job where I can maximally use the expertise of accounting learned at school, experience gained in part-time jobs, and my language ability (Japanese, English, and Chinese).