How to proceed in an interview

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How to proceed in an interview

Entering the room

  • Knock on the door of the interview room lightly two or three times, and when you hear the word "please", say "excuse me" and enter the room.
  • Close the door and tell the interviewer "My name is ○ ○. Thank you for this opportunity", and then bow. Make sure the bow gives a good impression.
  • If the interviewer says "please sit down", say "thank you" and sit on the chair.

Start of interview

  • Here, you will hear a detailed explanation of the work from the interviewer, and various questions will be asked to you. Answer the questions calmly, and if you do not know the meaning of the question, ask for a confirmation.
  • If the interviewer ask whether you have a question or not, ask about some concerns that you have during the interview or ask questions that you have prepared in advance.
  • Try to clarify the specific work content and salary during this time.

Leaving the room

  • If the interviewer says "It is over", you should reply with "Thank you very much" and stand up.
  • Return the chair, face the interviewers when you reach the door, bow to the interviewer "Excuse me", open the door and exit the room.