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NABIN Ota Central office  Assistant Manager

1. Q:Where are you from, NABIN? How long have you been in Japan?
A:I am from Nepal. I came to japan on April1, 2004. So it's my 13th year in Japan.
2. Q:What was the most difficult thing in the beginning in Japan?
A:The most difficult thing was Japanese language. It troubled me when I took trains or tried to search for a job. I tried to communicate in English with local people but it didn't go well. So I had to use my poor Japanese to survive in the beginning. Because of my language problem, I had the painful experience of missing the last train of the day, so I had to stay at the station until the next morning, waiting for the earliest train.
3. Q:Could you please tell us about the encounter between you and MAX?
A:I entered MAX as a staff on October19,2004. I was introduced to the biggest customer's head factory and I worked there for 3.5 year. After graduating from college in March 2008, I joined MAX as a full-time employee. In the beginning I worked at a factory located at FUNABASHI in Chiba prefecture. After 1year, I was transferred back to the factory in Ota-ku where I worked as a part-time, now I'm in charge of this factory for the staff management.
4. Q:What kind of work do you do currently at MAX ?
A:Currently I am working with division manager and 2 other members, in charge of 210 dispatching staffs. Mainly, manage the staff's work and also provide necessary support on their lives.
5. Q:What do you think is the most rewarding thing in this work?
A:As I mentioned above, before being a full-time employee, I worked as a temporary staff. At that time, Nepalese were few but after I joined the company I was able to hire more Nepalese staffs and now it became a good working environment for the same nationality. For me, it's the most rewarding thing.
6. Q:How many staffs are the Nepalese? Can you share the lifestyles of the staffs who are working for Max for a long time.
A:There are 90 people of Nepal nationality at the present. Morning shifts are haste but the workplace is near their own places, so without wasting time, they can go directly to help their own shops after finishing the work at MAX.
7. Q:Appeal MAX with a word to foreign people who is in search of a job in Japan.
A:For workers of MAX, we support them on work , besides, we're also doing life support. For example: for people who just came to Japan, we provide with suggestions and help when you have trouble in making bank accounts, or when you have language difficulties in a hospital , or when you did suggestions on visa updating etc. Feel free to contact us and welcome you to join MAX.